Vertech Hume has developed new technology for the manufacture of steel reinforced hollow concrete poles replacing an outdated technology that had been in place internationally for 95 years.

In the 1990’s, Vertech Hume developed a new patented, vertical casting process, which offers a vastly superior manufacturing method and an end product that is better
in every area.

The implications for the concrete power pole and pile manufacturing businesses around the world are considerable. The vertical casting process makes the labour intensive, spin casting method obsolete and offers significant benefits in every area of production - from plant requirements and space, OH&S, environmental, speed of production and the ultimate quality of the end product. 

Vertech Hume manufactures and supplies poles to leading power suppliers in the Australian market.

The company has also developed with TransHume additional technologies and manufacturing advances
such as the portable plant which can be quickly established on site, manufacturing pre-stressed poles which is a development that is unheard of in this industry.


Vertech Hume won the Australian Engineering Innovation Award
Sponsored by Australian Government (AusIndustry),
for their vertical casting and immediate de-moulding of concrete poles, piles and large pipe.

Vertech Hume winners of the Engineering Excellence Award for Engineering Innovation
Sponsored by the State Government of Victoria and
the Southern and eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA).

2007 Wyndham Business Award Winners

Fastest concrete
pole casting method in the world

The brilliance of the Vertech Hume casting process is
its mechanical simplicity and the immediate savings
in absolutely every aspect of production - from time to space and manpower - from operating costs to massive advantages in occupational health and safety. The fact that
the end product
is also superior
is a bonus.

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